Online Dating Pro’s And Con’s Online Dating Pro’s And Con’s Online Dating Pro’s And Con’s

Dating Pro’s And Con’s
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Hot female contacts from the comfort of your own home, without even getting out of your p.j’s…

Online dating has taken the huge effort required to contact a lover out of the equation: this has some negatives to… Easy in easy out, when there is zero energy invested in a relationship there is little attachment. So the efficiency of online dating is way up.

Unless you are using video chat there is no need for shaving dressing up smelling nice or going out. Once again arguable whether this should in fact should be a Pro And Con. Perhaps this should be in the category procon’s

But needless to say the internet and online dating has made getting in contact very easy indeed. Which means the barrier to entry (hot women’s numbers and dates) is now open to everyone. (certainly a pro)

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 Online Dating Con’s #1


Obviously there is an element of risk meeting up with someone that you don’t really know.

Use your common sense online!

The old saying “never talk to strangers” doesn’t really work with online dating but you can:

Always get to know someone well before meeting them offline.

Always meet in a public place or at home with someone else there unless you know them well.

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 Online Dating Pro’s #2
Always audio and video chat before meeting up which is easy enough to do with webcams and Skype.

Allow a trust period to establish before rushing into an offline meeting

Always use paid dating sites to screen for quality

It Works


Irrespective of what (scam) stuff you here or your own viewpoints… Online dating works! There is a reason why dating sites have been successfully working for 10 years.

They do ONE thing and ONE thing well. And that’s connecting likeminded people. After this initial contact it’s up to the two of you to initiate and further enhance the attraction and love. Break ups and scam stories have very little to so with online dating sites and a lot to do with the people involved.

It is in within the online dating sites best interest to match singles otherwise they would be out of business right?

And yes just like in real life there are some sites that are low quality. Shop around and read the reviews.

Public Nature Of Dating

In most online dating sites you are able to block certain people or the public from seeing your information. But in general online dating is a fairly public endeavour – you are sharing your face, your identity and your life story along with many other things to thousands of online viewers who may not be all that nice.

You need to decide if you are going to place this information online or not, often once it is up it can be tough to take down. Creating an online avatar can be an easy alternative.

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 Online Dating Pro’s #3


Once again there is very little barrier to entry: A computer and an internet connection will do the trick from anywhere in the world… Amazing.

Occasional annoying emails

You could receive auto generated emails or emails from annoying users looking to hook up. This is why it’s great to use a dummy email address so you can keep these emails away from your main email addess.

Elimination of Male Approach Anxiety

The effectiveness and efficiency of online dating sites to connect local singles is unmatched. Perhaps apart from facebook which is not used for this purpose so as a result does not work as well.

Approaching a profile within the comfort of anonymity makes male approach anxiety close to zero. Who cares if she says no to you, no one saw you get shot down and you didn’t even know her in the first place. This increases the frequency of encounters which increases male dating success rate.

This is especially true for the gay and lesbian scene. Gay men now know where to go without the constant thought of “is he gay?”

Heavy Male Ratio

Due to the sexed up nature of the male body you will often find an abundance of young males online. This leaves precious little women to choose from one you do the ratio.

However precious little is being to tough. If your profile is interesting and worth while for the women you will be contacted. The ratio is improving every day with the larger sites being close to 50 50.

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 Online Dating Pro’s #5


You choose the level of involvement and you choose the type of relationship you want to enter.

Want marriage?

Want sex?

Want to fling with an orange haired transsexual midget?

Didn’t think so… but if you wanted to I bet you could find one in an online dating site.

It’s your choice.

It always has been.

Inactive Member Database

You will often hear dating sites boasting millions of members but many of these profiles are old or inactive. The users have moved on and are no longer looking for love or using this profile. It is a good idea to use the advanced search features to screen for activity. Emailing a bunch of inactive members is a great waste of time if you into that sort of thing.

Your Fantasy

A bit like second life

You can be and find anyone you want, you can establish new fantasies and play out online romances


Dating sites at present do not have to do background checks on members. So users can misrepresent themselves. Foreign members signing up though proxy etc can reduce the site quality however sticking to the top 5 dating sites should keep you safe from profile misrepresentation.

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